Collection: Earcandles

What do ear candles do?

Ear candles stimulate the blood circulation in the ear and head and the lymph flow in the ears, throat, nose and sinuses. The heat causes the eardrum to vibrate and the vibration softens the eardrum, making it permeable. 
During the combustion of the biosun ear candle, different phases in its operation can be distinguished. The "chimney effect" creates a slight negative pressure in the external auditory canal and a vibration of the air column due to the action of the flame. As a result, the eardrum is massaged lightly, as it were, which results in pressure regulation in the middle ear. The ear candle removes all unwanted and/or extra earwax that is in the ear.

When do you use ear candles?

Deafness, hearing impairment.
With all the pains of the ear.
Activation of metabolic and lymphatic functions in the head
In case of ear infection, or a plug in the ear.
Inflammation of the nose and sinuses
nose cold
With tinnitus
Not to be used with all ear infections