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Acutop Kinesiology Tape is a high quality product. This composition allows us to use this tape for all applications, including difficult areas where sweat or water put a lot of stress on the tape. It's the tape we recommend for therapists, medical professionals and athletes

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New! Cupping set with pump

The glasses are made of special acrylic glass, which cannot shatter in the event of a fall compared to normal cupping glasses and are unbreakable.

Want to know more about cupping? Read the following article.

Cupping massage, what is it?
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KT Tape.. breaking new ground in sports injuries

According to sports physicians, the application of Kinesio KT Tape PRO is the best way to treat and prevent the most common sports injuries. Kinesio KT Tape PRO is particularly light, elastic and strong, which makes the treatment of ITBS, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, etc. very effective and pain relieving.

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Acutop Beauty sets

Beauty rollers and Gua Sha scrapers made of healing stones have been used for centuries in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in the field of facial and body care. The most famous versions are with jade and rose quartz.

The healing stones used differ in their physical properties and their so-called healing effect.

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  • De webshop voor kinesiotape - Official supplier van AcuTop, Temtex en Nasara -

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