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Temtex - Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline - 5cm x 5m - box 6 Rolls

Temtex - Kinesiology Tape Tourmaline - 5cm x 5m - box 6 Rolls

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Temtex Kinesiologie Tape Tourmaline

Developed in the late 1970s by Japanese chiropractor Kenzo Kase, this tape is now used in rehabilitation and sports medicine.


The elastic Temtex tape is applied on and around the muscles to support movement and limit muscle stretch, but the full mobility of the body is preserved, the healing effect of the tape is achieved through movement (eg sport)

When a muscle is overloaded or contracted too much, it becomes inflamed, swollen and hardens. This narrows the space between the skin and the muscles, prevents the lymph fluid from flowing and the pain receptors under the skin report 'muscle pain'.

The Temtex tape is applied in various forms, usually unstretched, to the dry, fat-free, hairless skin over the optimally stretched painful muscle, so that wrinkles appear on the skin when the body is relaxed.